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Unlock Your GiftsHow to Express Your Talent at Work


A Harvard Business Review study found that the most important factor in predicting job success is how well a person fits the job. Your job will fit you best when you know what your gifts are and align them to your work. When your talent is fully expressed at work, you allow more of yourself to show up in your job and deeper fulfillment occurs. The problem is that most employees have no idea what gifts they have. So they spend their work life showing up for a job that doesn't fit who they really are.

In this life-changing presentation by motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle, participants will learn how to transform their work so it aligns with who they are, their uniqueness and their most noteworthy talents.

Target Audience

This presentation is geared toward those who want to utilize their natural gifts and talents to experience more professional satisfaction by achieving their highest potential at work. During this course, participants will learn how to unlock their gifts for true fulfillment at work with proven methods uncovered by California keynote speaker Joel Garfinkle.

Primary Issues Addressed in this Presentation

During this enlightening presentation by a motivational speaker for leadership, you'll learn how to build on your greatest talents which will lead to peak performance, fulfillment and greater success in the job. Motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle will help professionals unlock their gifts by focusing on the following issues:

  1. Identify your Gifts: Participants learn how to unlock their natural gifts to reach their highest potential.
  2. Apply your Gifts: Participants learn how to apply 10 proven methods that allow more of themselves to show up at work.
  3. Overcome Weaknesses by Focusing on Gifts: Participants learn how to honestly evaluate who they are and what they are capable of.
During the Presentation Participants Learn How to...
  • Identify their own uniqueness so that their highest potential becomes realized.
  • Identify their needs, values, belief systems, emotional and intellectual intelligence, limitations, and strengths.
  • Unlock their gifts and express them at work.
  • Identify the major barriers to knowing and expressing their gifts.
  • Be truthful and honest about who they are and what they can do, including their capabilities, performance, and potential.
  • Perform at their highest level by leveraging their most noteworthy professional talent.
  • Focus on what they like about their work, what they are good at, and where they excel at work.
  • Understand the difference between their skills and their natural talents so that they aren't defined only by their abilities.
  • Apply the one or two things that they do better than 100 other people.

Tailoring this Presentation for Your Organization

This program can be adapted to fill a 60-120 minute time frame and is appropriate for any size audience. This is an interactive presentation that utilizes audience participation and small group learning. California keynote speaker Joel Garfinkle will tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Is this Program Right for You?

A good audience for this presentation should be able to identify with the following questions:

  • Do you feel unappreciated at work?
  • Can you honestly say you like going to work everyday?
  • Do you wish there were a way to get more satisfaction out of your job?
  • Does your current job allow you to use your gifts and talents?
  • Are you tired of being seen as a work horse who's only appreciated for what you can do, not who you are?


Contact Joel by phone at (510) 339-3201 to schedule this program or fill out the form on the contact page for more information.