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Power of PerceptionTake Control of How Others See You


You can't simply rely on skill, merit and hard work to survive and get ahead. Your success is directly related to how others perceive you. That's why you must learn how to manage perception.

It takes only one mistake, one poor decision or one missed deadline to destroy the positive perceptions you have built over time. Like it or not, you are constantly being observed, judged and evaluated at work. It's critical for you to make sure others - especially key decision makers - view you as an indispensable contributor to your organization's success. When people form opinions of you, they create perceptions that become their reality, no matter what you might have intended. By making sure you create the right perception inside your company, you create a powerful platform to do many things that benefit your career.

Motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle draws upon years of experience as an executive coach to help you take charge of your professional image and positively influence the impressions of those who have the greatest impact on your career.

Target Audience

This presentation is designed for those who want to know how others inside their organization perceive them, to change behavior that might be viewed as negative, and to better communicate the value and impact they are making on the company. During this course, participants will learn how to communicate their value, share their accomplishments and eliminate the negative perceptions of others.

Primary Issues Addressed in this Presentation

This innovative presentation will teach participants how to positively influence the perceptions others have of them. Participants will learn how they think they are perceived, how they actually are perceived and how they want to be perceived. Joel Garfinkle, a motivational, inspirational business speaker, will teach you how to eliminate any negative perception and expand the positive perception built over time. He will do this by focusing on these four areas:

  1. Recognize How Others Perceive You: Participants learn what others think about them by asking peers, bosses, clients, senior management and staff, "How do you perceive me?"
  2. Communicate Your Value: Participants learn how to communicate the value and impact they are making on the company.
  3. Share Your Accomplishments: Participants learn how to communicate their accomplishments so they feel a greater sense of confidence and self-worth while making sure the company understands their value.
  4. Identify Your Traits That Impact Perception: Participants learn how they are perceived when an aspect of their personality is seen as negative or positive.
During the Presentation Participants Learn How to...
  • Leverage perception to your advantage to advance your career.
  • Create perceptions that reflect your actual impact on the organization.
  • Shape the judgments and opinions of others.
  • Know your worth and confidently communicate it to decision-makers.
  • Demonstrate impact, exercise influence and be recognized for your accomplishments.
  • Shift the perception of others to how you actually want to be perceived.
  • Change the perception that a mistake, missed deadline or bad move can make on your career.
  • Be more conscious of how you portray yourself on social networking sites.
  • Limit the number of career limiting moves.
  • Advance in the company by focusing on the perceptions you create, not only the merit you have accumulated or the skill level you have achieved.
  • Ask for constructive feedback from others.

Tailoring this Presentation for Your Organization

California keynote speaker Joel Garfinkle tailors his presentation to meet the unique needs of you and your organization. Joel does his homework. He conducts extensive research to learn about your company's culture and key challenges so the experience is relevant, impactful and practical. What you learn can be immediately applied when you return to your job. This program can be adapted to fill a 60-120 minute time frame and is appropriate for any size audience.

Is this Program Right for You?

Whether you're an experienced senior executive or new to management, your clients and colleagues are constantly forming perceptions of your value, trustworthiness and leadership abilities. The tools and techniques you learn from this presentation will benefit managers at all levels of the organization.

If you are already perceived as a competent, capable leader, you'll learn how to move the needle to gain even greater levels of recognition, respect and appreciation for your abilities.

And if you're new to the workforce or to your job, there's no better time to begin to influence how others view you, your work and your potential. Joel Garfinkle, a motivational speaker for leadership, can help you jumpstart your career by making sure your "first impressions" are positive ones that make a difference.

  • Do you wonder how others at the office perceive you?
  • Do key decision-makers have positive impressions of you?
  • Do you want to be able to proactively communicate your value to the organization?
  • Do you wish you could change the negative impressions others may have of you?
  • Would you like to be able to share your accomplishments without feeling like you're grandstanding?

Joel's highly acclaimed book, Executive Presence, is the perfect companion tool to this valuable presentation. Participants can continue to improve their perception and image when they have a copy to use as their professional guide to success! For a dramatically reduced and discounted rate, you can get this useful resource for your entire audience!


Contact Joel by phone at (510) 339-3201 to schedule this program or fill out the form on the contact page for more information.