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Joel Garfinkle is an experienced California keynote speaker whose presentations feature highly engaged audience-participation presentations that take place in an informative and interactive learning environment. Here participants have the opportunity to learn key skills, practical tools, and approaches that can be transferred immediately to their current work responsibilities.

Audience-participation techniques include:

  • Small and large group peer discussion and learning.
  • Entire audience facilitated discussions.
  • Exercises with partners and groups.
  • Structured individual self-inquiry and reflection.
  • Dynamic and interactive sessions with other participants.
  • Tips, ideas, and easy-to-implement advice.
  • One-on-one sample coaching sessions.
  • Lecture and discussions on relevant topics.
  • Question-and-answer discussion with professional coaching.
  • Intensive learning experience.
Executive Presence

Convey confidence as a business leader


Executive presence means conveying confidence as a business leader, being respected as an authority, and having a professional magnetism that influences others. With executive presence, you trade passivity and self-doubt for self-assurance and the ability to pro-actively navigate the corporate landscape as a high-potential employee. No matter what your position, the more executive presence you have, the more others will seek your support and leadership.

During this presentation, California keynote speaker Joel Garfinkle teaches participants how to create a consistent view of themselves as a compelling force inside an organization. With Joel's insight and practical tips participants will learn how to become someone who uses their influence to shape and positively affect the outcome of situations.

By enhancing their executive presence, your employees will learn how to assume more responsibility, be assigned to high-profile projects and conduct job functions that significantly impact the bottom line.

As a motivational, inspirational business speaker, Joel's compelling presentation will teach your employees how to obtain an extraordinary career in which they reach their full leadership potential!

Executive Presence Seminar
Getting Ahead

Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level


Two employees put in the same hours, produce excellent work, and achieve similar results for their company. But only one advances to the next level, while the other faces the frustration of being overlooked for a promotion once again.

So what exactly makes one person more successful than another? The answer: leveraging and applying perception, visibility, and influence better than anyone else. While some people leave the fate of their careers in someone else's hands, others determine their future harnessing these three critical skills.

In this presentation, top executive coach and motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle reveals his signature PVI model-Perception, Visibility and Influence. Through practical advice, true-to-life examples and action-oriented exercises, you'll learn how to create the right image, increase your profile across the organization and exert influence by driving change and inspiring people.

Getting Ahead will put you out in front of the competition. You've done the hard work; now learn how to reap the rewards.

Power of Perception

Take Control of How Others See You


You can't simply rely on skill, merit and hard work to survive and get ahead. Your success is directly related to how others perceive you. That's why you must learn how to manage perception.

It takes only one mistake, one poor decision or one missed deadline to destroy the positive perceptions you have built over time. Like it or not, you are constantly being observed, judged and evaluated at work. It's critical for you to make sure others - especially key decision makers - view you as an indispensable contributor to your organization's success. When people form opinions of you, they create perceptions that become their reality, no matter what you might have intended. By making sure you create the right perception inside your company, you create a powerful platform to do many things that benefit your career.

Motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle draws upon years of experience as an executive coach to help you take charge of your professional image and positively influence the impressions of those who have the greatest impact on your career.

Your Work or Your Life

Be Balanced, Save Time and Double Your Productivity


Long hours, stress, increased responsibility and information overload can wreak havoc with your life. Consumed by their jobs, people often ignore and forget how to prioritize what is most important and valued in their lives. People who have balanced lives are more productive, experience less stress and enjoy greater job satisfaction. This leads to more fulfilling relationships both on and off the job, as well as reducing the risk of "burn out."

During this presentation, participants will learn how to balance the demands of life with the demands of work in a way that enables them to be happier, healthier and more productive from motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle.

Unlock Your Gifts

How to Express Your Talent at Work


A Harvard Business Review study found that the most important factor in predicting job success is how well a person fits the job. Your job will fit you best when you know what your gifts are and align them to your work. When your talent is fully expressed at work, you allow more of yourself to show up in your job and deeper fulfillment occurs. The problem is that most employees have no idea what gifts they have. So they spend their work life showing up for a job that doesn't fit who they really are.

In this life-changing presentation by motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle, participants will learn how to transform their work so it aligns with who they are, their uniqueness and their most noteworthy talents.

Dream Job: Define It, Land It, Live It

Unleashing your Innate Gifts into Meaningful Work


You spend one-third of your life at work, so you deserve to feel fulfilled by it. This program focuses first and foremost on fulfillment, helping people find the perfect job that aligns with their passions and natural talents. When you do what you love, you will feel excited about going to work every day.

In this presentation motivational, inspirational business speaker Joel Garfinkle will teach participants how to describe their innate gifts and use them to create deeper meaning in life by leveraging their most fulfilling experiences to gain their dream job.

Become the Leader Others Want to Follow

The Ten Characteristics of Great Leadership


For an organization to be successful it's vital to realize the importance of both managing and leading. Managers, however, must learn to grow, develop and think more like leaders. As every organization deals with constant and inevitable change, it's vital for an organization's survival and success to respond with a leadership mindset. You are able to inspire and positively challenge people by helping them overcome obstacles and look to the future.

In this presentation, motivational speaker for leadership Joel Garfinkle, teaches participants the value of leading and how it energizes the organization and its systems so that the culture, environment and processes can shift and innovate toward what change is demanding.

How Do You Keep Your Stars

Ten Ways to Help Your Employees Love Their Work


Keeping your star employees is crucial for the long-term success of your company. Recent studies identify job satisfaction as the number one factor that keeps your high performers from leaving. When these talented employees are able to do what they do best every day, they will realize their full potential and won't desire to leave.

Your employees, especially the most talented, are the one competitive advantage you can't afford to lose!

Joel Garfinkle, a motivational speaker for leadership, will show you how to implement ten sure-fire strategies designed to help the "stars" in your company experience a newfound excitement for their work and learn to love their jobs.

Finding the Job You Need Fast

Practical Tips for Job Hunters and Career Changers


This program is jam-packed with insider tips on how to survive the transition of unemployment, create a winning resume, master the interview process and, most importantly, land the job at the salary you need in less than half the time!

The secret is developing a targeted job search strategy. Participants will know exactly the company they want to work for and how to contact the person who has the power to hire them. Joel Garfinkle will teach participants how to gain a personal introduction inside companies and gather valuable information about job opportunities that are not listed.

14 Ways to Double Your Productivity

Increasing productivity and efficiency often bring forth images of someone standing with a stopwatch timing every activity with a watchful eye. But making a better use of your time doesn't have to be so intimidating. By taking advantage of time-saving tips, you can not only get more accomplished in a day, but feel good about the work that you are producing. By taking a little time to plan and prepare, you can find extra hours in your day to complete the work you want to do and still have fun!

During this presentation, Joel Garfinkle will teach participants how to enjoy their work more by exerting control over their schedule and developing good habits of self-discipline to get more done everyday-without using more time.

10 Secrets Anyone Can Use to Make Their Current Job Their Dream Job

Do you love your work? Are you inspired by your work? Are your gifts and talents fully utilized at work? Joel Garfinkle, renowned motivational, inspirational business speaker and the founder of, has created a unique process designed to help you transform your current job into work you love to do and to help employees love their work. Joel will show you how to create a concrete strategy that allows your employees (and you) to recapture a new found excitement for their work. This presentation will help you energize, retain & motivate the workforce.

Reach Your Ultimate Potential

Secrets to Living a Gifted Life that Fulfills You Personally and Professionally


Do you live a gifted life? A gifted life fulfills your potential and uses your innate talents completely. Joel Garfinkle, motivational, inspirational business speaker and founder of, has created a unique process designed to help you live a gifted life in which you transform yourself personally and professionally. Reach Your Ultimate Potential is a keynote or workshop presentation that will inspire and lift participants to recognize and use their gifts for a more fulfilling life.

Participants will learn why it is so difficult to recognize their gifts. Because using gifts seems so easy, we sometimes assume our innate abilities can't possibly be powerful gifts. When we learn exactly what an innate gift is, our own gifts and the gifts of those around us immediately stand out like candles in a dark room. Then, we can cultivate our innate gifts and enjoy a greater sense of purpose and passion. Audience members will learn the top barriers to knowing our innate gifts. They will learn how famous people embraced, owned and expressed their gifts. And they will learn to bring the gifts out in others, and help others orient their lives around those newly-discovered gifts.


Contact Joel by phone at (510) 339-3201 to schedule a program or fill out the form on the contact page for more information.