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Five Reasons Joel Garfinkle is The Sought-After Motivational, Professional Public Speaker


    Joel spends an extensive amount of time gathering information, conducting in-depth research and doing multiple interviews with his client organizations so he can customize his talk to meet their needs. Joel wants to completely understand the company, division, people, culture and environment he is to address.

    Many inspirational motivational keynote speakers do not take the time that Joel does to completely understand the company, division, people, culture and environment he is to address. In addition to spending time with the event coordinators during a pre-event briefing, Joel interviews at least two participants.

    Joel learns the key issues confronting employees and is able to integrate their personal stories into his presentation. Each audience has its own uniqueness and Joel prides himself on making sure he targets his message, content and delivery to that uniqueness.


    Joel's work as a motivational professional public speaker encourages a high degree of audience-participation that takes place in an informative and interactive learning environment. Participants learn key skills, practical tools, and approaches that can be transferred immediately to their current work responsibilities. Audience involvement occurs during:

    • Small and large group peer discussion and learning.
    • "Live" sample coaching sessions.
    • Entire audience facilitated discussions.
    • Exercises with partners and groups.
    • Structured individual self-inquiry and reflection.
    • Dynamic and interactive sessions with other participants.
    • Tips, ideas, and easy-to-implement advice.
    • Lecture and discussions on relevant topics.
    • Question-and-answer discussion with professional coaching.


    As a motivational professional public speaker, Joel consistently focuses on long-term benefits for his audiences by providing specific action steps and useful tips that can be put into practice immediately. His participants leave with new skills, practical tools and innovative solutions to current challenges at work.

    Given the large investment companies and associations make in speakers, Joel is keenly aware of the need to inspire people toward change and improved performance. With his thorough understanding of business seminar management training, as a skilled motivator and keynote speaker, Joel delivers the depth and value corporations and associations want.

    As an inspirational motivational keynote speaker, Joel can galvanize listeners to not simply nod their heads, but to make a commitment and take action on your organization's key priorities.


    In addition to having engaging content and facilitated discussions with the entire audience, Joel provides dynamic and interactive break-out sessions, one-on-one "live" sample coaching sessions and exercises with partners and groups.

    He provides dynamic and interactive sessions with other participants through his small and large group peer discussion and learning. His presentations encourage attendees to learn new skills, adopt practical tools, and apply innovative solutions to current work challenges.


    Joel has a clear, direct and no-fluff speaking style. His content and delivery inspire audiences to take immediate action so that proven results and change can happen quickly. He focuses on providing tips, ideas, and easy-to-implement advice that challenges at every level within an organization to think in exciting and new ways.


Looking for Virginia motivational speakers? Joel is available for conferences and seminars all over the US and worldwide. Contact Joel now for business seminar management training or to serve as the seminar keynote speaker at your next corporate gathering!