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Modern Motivational Speakers Give Employees the Tools they Need to Change


What names come to mind when you think of some of the best, most influential motivational speakers of our time? Some popular names include Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins.  What all of them have in common is the ability to move the masses, to fire up an audience and drive them to take action.

Motivational speakers play a huge role, both on the personal and the corporate level. In my many years of listening to inspirational speeches and conducting motivational corporate seminars and workshops I’ve realized that there are essentially two main kinds of motivational speakers.

The first type of motivational speakers are the ones who tell stories, relate personal anecdotes, interact with the audience and truly do inspire and motivate; where they fail is to provide the tools or step-by-step plan necessary to drive the crowd to take action.  Inspiration without an action plan is ineffective, especially for corporations where the bottom line matters.

This realization has given birth to a new breed of speakers–modern motivational speakers. How modern speakers differ is that along with giving the audience the fuel they need to get the car started, they actually teach them how to drive the car. Experienced speakers put people in the driving seat, allowing them to take charge, feel empowered and take action to drive change.

Here are three reasons why you should hire a modern inspirational speaker for your employees:

  1. Help employees think outside the box. If you're the head of HR for a large multinational corporation or even for a small company, you might wonder why your productivity levels are low even from your most talented workers. One reason might be the constant pressure to maintain deadlines and perform, which can be energy-draining–and employees running low on energy produce low output levels. A modern motivational speaker can offer innovative leadership training with powerful tools and tips to approach the same problem differently.
  2. Get real, measurable results. Unlike most conventional speakers who leave an audience inspired without providing the tools and resources they need, an effective modern speaker provides the tools, which means that you’ll be able to generate and measure real results after the tools have been implemented and put into action. This gives you concrete confirmation that the resources provided are genuinely helping your employees. In most cases, companies can see and measure the results as a direct increase in their ROI.
  3. Grow your company, one employee at a time. As a leading decision maker it’s your job to make sure your employees have what they need to keep them motivated to work at your firm. A smart motivational speaker can offer modern techniques to help employees evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to work on how they’re perceived, gain visibility by taking initiative and risks, and influence both up and down to help them get ahead professionally. This in turn earns the company top points in employee loyalty and productivity.

As a manager or HR professional, you realize that your employees are your most valuable assets. Each employee fills his or her role in growing and advancing your company and therefore all of your people, irrespective of the roles they play, are important to your overall success.  

Take some pressure off your shoulders–hire a modern motivational speaker to give you a helping hand.


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