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Seven Steps to your Dream Job

A Summary of Land Your Dream Job by Joel Garfinkle

Land Your Dream Job

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This proven, seven-step action-oriented dream job process will help you find work that aligns to your passions and taps into your greatest talents. You’ll find work that fulfills you and your unique purpose on this planet. This book has over 200 pages and 100 exercises. Here is the unique 7-Step Dream Job Program you can begin immediately.

  1. Establish your dream job mindset. Before you know where you’re going, you need to start where you are. Take some time to evaluate yourself, who you are, what your work looks like. Then visualize how you would like your work to be, what your ideal day would look like and get ready to design the road map that will take you there.
  2. Break through barriers. Find out what’s getting in your way. There are dozens of possibilities but they often focus on one big barrier: fear. Find out where your lives and learn to recognize and diminish it. Learn the art of positive self-talk to counteract the limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  3. Imagine new possibilities. The key to this step is to open your mind and recognize what interests you. Focus on the excitement of believing that almost anything is possible. There are many ways you can incorporate your dreams into your daily work.
  4. Unleash your innate gifts. You have unique gifts, parts of yourself that have always been there. Whatever work you’re doing, these gifts come into play. Learn how to use your gifts to bring more excitement and creativity to your job.
  5. Define your dream. In this step, you get to play “what if?” You see the patterns you’ve already created and begin to develop them into the declaration of your dream job.
  6. Formulate your strategy. Now it’s time to take action. In this step, you’ll develop your support system, your mentors and advocates. You’ll state your intentions openly and begin to make your move.
  7. Land your dream job. This is where it all comes together. You have all the tools you need to live your dream job and to enjoy the rewards that come with it.

Joel has assisted thousands of clients in achieving their dream job. Buy this book now and he will do the same for you.

Thanks to Joelís book, I found my dream job. I actually get up in the morning and want to go to work. I canít believe that they actually pay me to do this job.

Kathleen Cody
Executive Director

Joel has created an amazing workbook called Land Your Dream Job. The truly great thing about this book is that it really works! I now have more clarity in several key areas including the essence of my gifts, talents and top values. In this workbook, change is truly possible if one is willing to put in the effort to explore what is really essential to create in life. I continue to refer back to this book often, and find it to be a great resource.

Bob Adler
Human Resource Director

Land Your Dream Job is highly motivational and extremely effective using inspirational quotes, encouraging stories, and insightful exercises. Joel brings the readerís dreams to life and actually makes them obtainable through a tried-and-true-step-by-step-action-oriented methodology.

Kristen Bouvier
Graphic Designer

The dream job process is much more than a job search. It really helped me define who I am, what I want in life and where I want to go.

Craig Hambelton
Director of Sales

This book helped me uncover my passions and follow a career path I had not thought was possible.

Kimberly S. Netzloff

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