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Get On the Fast Track to a New Job

Summary of Find a Job in 14 Days, by Joel Garfinkle

Find a Job in 14 Days

Price: $39.00

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No matter where you live, unemployment is probably an issue. That doesn’t need to stop you, especially if you add this workbook to your job search tool kit. This book will show you how to find a great job, regardless of your current situation. If you want to change careers, make more money, or simply find work you can love, here are just a few of the strategies and techniques you’ll learn to use:

  1. Are you set up for success? Looking for a job is a full time job. Develop your daily and weekly schedule, including time for self-care, so you’ll stay healthy and motivated.
  2. Bothered by fear and self-doubt? Learn to focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, plus nine other tips for building self-confidence.
  3. Don’t have a good resume? This workbook gives you ten rules for writing a good one, plus samples and guides to follow.
  4. Need to get on the fast track? You’ll find tips and checklists for zeroing in on the right company and industry, conducting research, and finding the right contacts and connections.
  5. Hate the thought of rejection? Everyone does, but you can learn how to use it to your advantage. Every “no” brings you closer to the ultimate “yes.”
  6. Not sure what you’re looking for? Use these self-analysis tools to brainstorm and design your dream job.
  7. Think networking isn’t important? To land the job you want, you need visibility, advocates, referrals, and an ever-growing list of contacts. Joel’s ten-point checklist shows you how to become a master networker.
  8. Do job interviews give you heartburn? This book will tell you 20 questions interviewers ask and how to answer them, as well as the 10 toughest questions you’ll encounter and 10 questions you should ask during the interview.
  9. Do you avoid the money question? Learn good negotiation strategies and you’ll end up getting paid what you’re worth.
  10. How do you seal the deal? First, make sure you’re saying “yes” to the right job. Then learn the right answers to nine important questions that will take you across the finish line in style.

As an executive coach and motivational speaker, Joel has guided many clients through successful job and career changes. He can do the same for you. Invest in your future. Order this workbook today.


The workbook is a great step-by-step tool to keep you motivated and use as a reference throughout your career-search process. The confidence it gave me is amazing.

Tiffany Mock
Marketing Manager

Joel has put together an incredible guide. On day twelve, I learned the top ten questions most employers ask. It turns out, the answer to these questions tells them if you're the right person for the job.

Tim Woodruff
Content Manager

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