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Articles by Joel Garfinkle, Motivational SpeakerFor Leadership Development, Career Advancement, and More

  1. 5 Tips to Getting a Great ROI when Hiring Motivational Speakers for Corporate Events
    If you're looking to hire a motivational speaker for your next corporate event, you've come to the right place. Armed with these 5 tips you can now make an informed decision on choosing the best person to fire up your employees and help impact your bottom line.
  2. 3 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress with a Motivational Seminar
    Are you facing employee burnout at your organization? Some of the tell-tale signs include absence and sick leave, lack of productivity, and star employees departing. Here are three ways a motivational seminar can help reduce employee stress.
  3. 3-Step Process for Corporate Team Building Seminars That Deliver Results
    What's the difference between corporate team building seminars that work and deliver real results and those that fizzle out faster than you can say "ROI?" The difference is in the 3-step process you need to know before you invest in a motivational speaker.
  4. Motivational Speakers: Your Secret Weapon
    A true artist is creative, imaginative, and talented. Excellent motivational speakers around the country—from Portland to Denver to Philadelphia—are talented as well. Here is some advice on finding the ideal motivational speaker for your company's next event.
  5. How to Choose an Executive Leadership Training Program for Star Employees
    Do you want to make sure the future of your company is in safe hands? Help your star employees fill demanding leadership roles by knowing what to look for in the right executive leadership training program for your organization.
  6. 6 Ways to Be a Better Team Leader
    Are you a team leader who wants to advance? To become a great leader, start by being the best team leader you can be. Once you have demonstrated your leadership skills on a small scale, you will increase your chances of landing bigger and better opportunities in the future. Here are six ways to be a better team leader.
  7. How to Find a Keynote Speaker for Your Next Corporate Event
    Do you need to find a top keynote speaker for your next corporate event or conference? Save time, money and headache by following these five steps to find the keynote speaker who will meet or exceed your expectations.
  8. 5 Hidden Benefits of Hiring a Leading Inspirational Keynote Speaker
    Did you know that the benefits of hiring a well-known speaker far outweigh those of hiring an average speaker? Here are five hidden benefits of hiring a leading inspirational keynote speaker that most companies overlook.
  9. The Best Leadership Skill Training from Denver to Daytona
    Whether your company is in Daytona or Denver, Joel Garfinkle offers leadership skill training to help you build a more productive team. Give your employees valuable professional development tools and they will become innovative, effective team members.
  10. “Come On Baby, Light My Fire”
    There are dozens of good keynote speakers in Orlando, Florida, but Joel Garfinkle is not just good--he is exceptional. Jim Keene, a senior executive at Wells Fargo, says, "I recommend any organization that wants to get the most from its people to hire Joel Garfinkle to accomplish that."
  11. Leadership Motivational Techniques from Top Fortune 500 Companies!
    How are some top corporations like Apple Inc. able to retain top employees and reach peak performance levels? Learn the secrets behind employee loyalty and high productivity levels at leading Fortune 500 companies.
  12. Top 5 Motivational Speaker Strategies That Can Kill a Speech
    Do you want to inspire your employees with a motivational speech they’ll remember? Do you want to be the next big name in motivational coaching? Start by learning about the top five worst motivational strategies that you should avoid.
  13. The Right Keynote Speaker Makes All the Difference
    Organizations need strong leaders in order to excel. Less than 30% of the workers in America are happy with their jobs, so there is a lot of room for improvement in the area of leadership. Managers can learn techniques to help them inspire their employees by attending business leadership training. When provided with motivation and encouragement, employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to leave for another job.
  14. Why You Should Invest in a Professional Keynote Speaker

    Whether you are hosting a nationwide conference or a corporate event in Colorado, a professional keynote speaker has the power not just to motivate your employees, but also to help you cut costs.  After all, you are getting ready to host a really big event and while you probably can't do without a keynote speaker, you might be able to make use of that speaker to reduce the overall cost of your event. Curious? Here's how.

  15. What Google Can Teach Us About Building Employee Loyalty
    Why was Google Inc. rated as the Number 1 company to work for by Fortune in 2012? To find the answer and learn what you can do to build employee loyalty in your firm, read this article now.
  16. Why a Keynote Speaker Is a Good Motivator for Your Employees
    Are your employees suffering from lack of motivation? If you’re noticing that employee morale is running dangerously low you need to take immediate action to show that you care. Here are 5 reasons to hire a keynote speaker as a motivator to bring transformative levels of motivation to your company.
  17. 3 Tips for Finding the Best Motivational Speakers in Las Vegas
    Do you want to make your Las Vegas corporate event a glamorous success? Here are three tips for finding the perfect motivational speaker to engage and fire up your people. Make your keynote or corporate training event one that will be remembered long after the speaker leaves.
  18. 7 Leadership Traits to Avoid at All Costs
    Organizations need strong leaders in order to excel. Less than 30% of the workers in America are happy with their jobs, so there is a lot of room for improvement in the area of leadership. Managers can learn techniques to help them inspire their employees by attending business leadership training. When provided with motivation and encouragement, employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to leave for another job.
  19. 3 Things Employees Need to Hear in a Leadership Training Seminar
    Whether you're looking to hire someone to speak at a leadership training seminar in Colorado or California, the rules of what your new employees need to hear don't change. Here are 3 things employees need to hear in a leadership training seminar.
  20. A Great Motivational Speaker Can Alter an Audience's Brain Chemistry
    As an audience sits spellbound by the speaker before them, something magical happens: Listeners' spirits soar, their skin tingles, and a world of new possibility opens. Psychologists call this uplift. When an entire group shares in their experience of uplift, it can grow into a self-reinforcing collective emotion called elevation-the goal of all great motivational speakers.
  21. 3 Steps to Finding the Right Keynote Speaker for Your Event or Conference
    Want to prevent your corporate conference from turning into a disaster? The right (or wrong) keynote speaker can make or break your event. Find out the three things you need to know before you go out and hire a keynote speaker for your next event.
  22. 5 Things You Can Learn From a Really Bad Speech
    There are two kinds of speeches by motivational speakers that can evoke strong emotional reactions and leave you breathless: one that is highly inspiring and prompts you to take action, and one that is so badly executed that it makes your jaw drop. Here are five things you can learn from a really bad speech.
  23. How Business & Motivation Training Can Help You Get Ahead
    When you attend a business leadership and motivation training workshop, you will learn many techniques to help you advance in your career, but you don't have to wait until the seminar to take steps to position yourself for success. Here are four career advancement tips you can start applying right now.
  24. 5 Ways Managers Can Empower Their Employees
    It is important that managers don't get caught up in their hectic schedules and overlook the importance of the work their employees do. You can help your managers empower their employees by bringing in motivational speakers and by encouraging your managers to read books by motivational authors.
  25. Explode Productivity with Masterful Motivational Speakers in your Eastern Canadian Business
    A masterful motivational speaker can change the dynamics of your company. Whether you do business in Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada... or anywhere in the world, the right motivational speaker can lift productivity, solve problems, and create a more desirable workplace.
  26. Modern Motivational Speakers Give Employees the Tools they Need to Change
    The first step to helping your company get ahead is to help your employees get ahead. Here are three ways that hiring a modern motivational speaker can help increase productivity levels, employee fidelity, and your ROI.
  27. The Ten Commandments of Finding the Right Leadership Skill Training
    Do you want to lead your people to have the best leadership training? Before spending thousands on ineffective leadership training programs, etch these Ten Commandments in your mind’s tablet to find leadership skill training that’ll work for you.
  28. Practical Tips to Help You Become a Better Leader
    Leadership is something that can be learned, and the best way to learn it is to attend a motivational conference, convention, or other special event where the keynote speaker focuses on leadership skills for business. A convention, conference, and special event speaker can help managers develop strong leadership skills so that they will be able to motivate their employees to perform their best work and help the organization reach its objectives.
  29. 5 Qualities You Must Possess to Be a Great Leader
    Keynote motivational speakers and leadership coaches know that there are certain qualities you absolutely must possess in order to be an outstanding leader. Learn the five qualities that are the hallmark of a successful leader and take steps to implement them today.
  30. 4 Things that Make a Good Leader Great
    Inspirational leaders make their employees shine by installing them with the confidence and motivation that they need, not just to do their jobs but to excel at them. A course in leadership skill training can give you the skills you need to help your employees achieve a level of competence they have never seen before.
  31. Motivational Speaker Rates: What Do Motivational Speakers Charge?
    The rates that motivational speakers charge vary greatly depending on the speaker's experience and skill. A highly sought-after speaker who can get your audience fired up, stimulate new ideas and insights, and motivate your people to improve their performance, leading to higher profits and measureable results, will charge more than someone who is less well-known.
  32. 5 Ways Being a Good Texan Makes You a Great Leader
    Several years ago, renowned singer and Texas songwriter Lyle Lovett was asked about what it takes to be a Texan gentleman. Motivational speaker Joel Garfinkle contrasts Lyle Lovett's list with the qualities of a great leader.
  33. Career Opportunities All Around You: Using Your Current Career as a Springboard to Something Better
    We often think of striving for a better career as something that is risky. Because of the perceived risk, we settle for where we are professionally. However, a new career opportunity doesn't mean you have to leave you current career. Instead, your current job can be the catalyst, opening up new career opportunities all around you.
  34. 3 Ways to Keep Employees Excited After the Motivational Speakers Leave
    Whether you are in California or Virginia, motivational speakers are an amazing tool to get your employees excited. However, what happens after the speaker has left? Here are three ways to keep your employees excited after the motivational speaker leaves.
  35. 5 Factors That Can Ruin a Great Speech
    For a keynote speaker, making the room work for you is essential. Here are five important factors that can make or break even a really good speech.
  36. Multimedia Gives Creative Options to Keynote Speakers
    If you're looking for a way to inspire members of your organization to perform at their best, motivate people to accept new challenges, or present tips on leadership development, a professional keynote speaker is exactly what you need. Elevate your event to new heights by choosing a speaker who uses multimedia presentations, which open up a multitude of creative options for the keynote speaker.
  37. 5 Ways a Motivational Speaker Can Help Your Company
    At times of transition, an effective motivational speaker can be the change agent that management needs to ensure a productive outcome for the company. Discover five ways that motivational speakers can help you influence and manage change in your organization.
  38. Accomplish the Impossible with a Motivational Speaker
    We've all heard stories about motivated powerhouses that accomplish the impossible. You are just as capable as they are! With a motivational speaker, you too can accomplish the impossible.
  39. 4 Tips to Finding the Best International, Christian Motivational Business Speaker
    Selecting an international Christian motivational business speaker for your organization can be a daunting task. Here are four tips that will help you find the best international, Christian, motivational business speaker for your organization.